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The system is a combination of our high-quality NTSC universal camera with a visual digital signal processing (DSP) unit. You can hook it up to any of our systems with a rear camera input; the camera projects a mirror-image (so it's ideal for depicting what you would normally don't see in a rear-view mirror). The ND-BC20PA provides a 2D bird's-eye view of what's behind your car by eliminating the camera's wide-angle distortion effect. The system also provides you with “parking guidelines”; on-screen markers to help you get into those difficult spaces; making reverse parking far more easier (see screenshot below):



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Features Adjustable (Normal/High) viewing angle for easy assessment of parking space width and depth; Lens correction for undistorted rear view image; Camera position compensation rotates the image for optional rear view without changing camera position, even if the camera is not installed in the middle of the rear and aimed horizontally; Wide viewing angle: 135 degrees (horizontal) x 100 degrees (vertical) 1/4" color CCD sensor with 270,000 pixel resolution; 1.5 ~ 10,000 lux automatic luminance control that includes automatic low-light lux mode for higher detail and contrast in low-light conditions. Compact camera unit: 1" (W) x 1" (H) x 1" (D); Composite video output.
Compatibility Pioneer AV and Navigation products
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